Cordless Track Saw TSC 55 KEB-F-Basic (576717)

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  • Festool Cordless Track Saw TSC 55 KEB-F-Basic and attachments
  • Festool  Cordless Track Saw TSC 55 KEB-F-Basic assembled
  • Festool  Cordless Track Saw TSC 55 KEB-F-Basic grip and battery
  • Festool Cordless Track Saw TSC 55 KEB-F-Basic  cutting plywood
  • Worker using Festool Cordless Track Saw TSC 55 KEB-F-Basic
  • Close up of Festool Cordless Track Saw TSC 55 KEB-F-Basic cutting wood frame
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Cordless Track  Saw TSC 55 KEB-F-Basic (576717) - ****Not Batteries or Charger****

Our masterpiece. Decisively improved. Now with unique kickback stop.


Often, even just a millisecond is crucial: The kickback is the most common cause of serious injuries when using a plunge-cut saw. Our unique kickback stop therefore stops the saw blade of our cordless plunge-cut saw in the blink of an eye, and so not only protects your workpiece but also minimizes the risk of injury to your hands. In addition, this now allows users to make powerful, precise cuts at up to twice the speed with an extended battery range. When combined, our new generation of saw blades allows for maximum cutting performance and perfect cutting quality. The sawing system is rounded off with clever system accessories, such as guide rails, an angle stop, splinter guard and saw table.

  • The kickback stop reduces the risk of injury from kickback when sawing or plunging the tool into the workpiece
  • Concentrated torque and up to twice as fast work progress with an increased saw blade service life
  • Brushless EC-TEC motor combined with lithium-ion batteries for maximum cutting power
  • The kickback stop can be deactivated for individual cuts
  • Top-class sawing system thanks to a variety of accessories
  • 100% Faster Cut than the previous model TSC 55
  • 50% Longer Battery Life vs the previous model TSC 55
  • 40% Longer Blade Life vs the previous TSC 55 blades

    • TSC 55 K IMPERIAL 
    • 42 Fine tooth Saw Blade Wood Fine Cut
    • Splinterguard
    • SYS Gen3 M 437
    • chip collection bag
    • hex key, WAF 5
    • sight window

Technical Data

Battery voltage: 18/36 V
Idle engine speed: 2650 - 3800/5200 min⁻¹
Saw blade diameter: 160.00 mm
Angular range: -1 - 47 °
Cutting depth: 0 - 55 mm
Cutting depth: 45° 43 mm
Dust extraction connection dia.: 27/36 mm
Battery capacity: 5.20 Ah
Weight: 1 x 18 V/2 x 18 V 4.6/5.3 kg
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