Festool HK 55 EQ - Tool Only (561756)

Currently Unavailable Until Further Notice - Updated 5/4
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  • Festool HK 55 EQ - Tool Only (561756)
  • Festool HK 55 EQ - Tool Only (561756)
  • Festool HK 55 EQ - Tool Only (561756)
  • Festool HK 55 EQ - Tool Only (561756)
  • Festool HK 55 EQ - Tool Only (561756)
  • Festool HK 55 EQ - Tool Only (561756)

Currently Unavailable Until Further Notice - Updated 5/4

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Festool HK 55 EBQ TOOL Only Corded (561756)

  • The stop system - The fixed positioning bolt and the adjustable stop allow angle cuts from -60° to + 60° to be made and which can be repeated exactly.
  • Scribe mark is the cut mark - Precision work, even with miter cutting angles of up to 60°. The cutting edge will always follow the scribe mark edge exactly, even when miter cutting.
  • The retraction function - The cross cutting guide rail has an adjustable stop and an integrated rubber spring, which automatically brings the saw back to the starting position. 


Stand alone performance and precision without a workstation. The Festool HKC 55 EBQ CORDLESS uses the spring loaded FSK guide rails attached to make fast and accurate cuts on the fly, the FSK guide rail brings your saw right back to the starting position for maximum efficiency. No need to setup a stationary work surface to layout a guide rail, just bring the saw to the material. Perfect for cutting framing, lining boards, roof battens, shutters, deck boards, up to 26.3" cross cut capacity (with the FSK 670)

Simple angle adjustment with thumb knob allows for cuts -60° to 60° degrees and locks in place.

Riving knife allows for accurate placement of the blade in previous cuts. Pendulum hood remote control and guide wedge provide safe and easy handling.  The HKC 55 EBQ CORDLESS is compatible with 3 different length spring loaded guide rails for optimal versatility and mobility on the job site it is also compatible with existing FS Guide Rails.

** HK 55 EBQ is NOT compatible with any of the TS 55 blades or accessories.**


  • Power Consumption:    1200 W
  • Idle engine Speed:      2000 - 5200 min
  • Saw Blade Diameter:   160 mm
  • Angle Range:             0 - 50°
  • Cutting Depth 0°, 90°:  0 - 55 mm
  • Cutting Depth 45°/50°:  42/38 mm
  • Weight:  4.4 k

Standard Package Includes:

  • (1) HK 55 EBQ circular saw
  • HW Standard Saw Blade W18
  • In SYS 4 Systainer
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Warranty Information

Festool 3 Year Service All-Inclusive Warranty
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