Festool OF 2200 EB Router IMPERIAL (574689) With OF 2200 Accessory Kit (Metric) (497655)

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  • Festool OF 2200 EB Router IMPERIAL (574689) With OF 2200 Accessory Kit (Metric) (497655)
  • Festool OF 2200 EB Router IMPERIAL (574689) With OF 2200 Accessory Kit (Metric) (497655)
  • Festool OF 2200 EB Router IMPERIAL (574689) With OF 2200 Accessory Kit (Metric) (497655)
  • Festool OF 2200 EB Router IMPERIAL (574689) With OF 2200 Accessory Kit (Metric) (497655)
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Festool OF 2200 EB Router IMPERIAL (574689) With OF 2200 Accessory Kit (Metric) (497655) 

  • Ergonomic Handles - Festool routers are designed for increased control and reduced fatigue. Integrated switches allow use with just one hand.
  • Dust Extraction - Integrated dust extraction port extracts dust from the point of generation, increasing visibility and saving valuable clean-up time. The port is angled so that the hose stays in line with the power cord. 
  • Swiveling chip deflector - Included chip deflector can be used with edge forming bits, maximizing chip and dust extraction even around curves and corners. Attaches and releases quickly with tool-free spring clip system. 

When you need a powerful router that is comfortable to use and easy to maneuver, consider the Festool 2200 EB Router IMPERIAL. This router brings 2200 watts of power to your job site or shop making easy work of 8/4 hardwoods or making 1/2" grooves with a single pass. Its tool-less base plate system lets you switch quickly between various inserts for different applications, making it extremely versatile. Fast and accurate router height adjustments can be made with the turret stop and plunge lock. The ratcheting spindle lock lets you make fast single-wrench bit changes. The magnetic brake slows the spindle rotation quickly when the tool is turned off. Effective dust extraction makes your work environment cleaner and safer. Integration with the Festool guide rail system allows for precision guided cutting.  Equipped with MMC Electronics which provide thermal and overload protection while maintaining constant speed under load for improved cut performance. The Festool OF 2200 EB Router IMPERIAL is the work-horse router of the Festool line.


  • Power:  With 2200 watts and MMC electronics, the OF 2200 has enough power to tackle a wide range of materials from soft woods to solid surface. 
  • Double Column Clamping:  One knob locks the plunge depth securely, for less motor to plate deflection.
  • Dust Extraction:  Clear 360 deg dust extraction hood contains dust and chips, while maintaining full visibility.  Simply press the shroud release button and the shroud drops into place.
  • Tool-free inserts:  Template guide bushings are self-centering and can be inserted tool-free.  The swiveling chip deflector can also be attached and removed without tools.
  • MMC Electronics: Electronic controls provide constant speed under load for improved cut quality, step-less variable speed for different applications, and overload protection for longer life.
  • Interchangeable Base System:  At the core of the OF 2200's range of capability is a quick-change, tool-less base plate system, allowing a quick switch between application-specific plates.
  • Ergonomics:  30 deg offset base for improved guidance, angled handles for more natural grip positioning and finger tip controls for power, plunge lock and speed.
  • Four Position Depth Stop:  Two adjustable positions, one fixed position and one special finishing pass position for repeatable and consistent step cutting.  
  • Magnetic Brake:  Quickly slows collet rotation once the tool has been switched off, saving time, prolonging motor life, and enhancing greater control.
  • Power Consuption:  2200 watts/18 amps 120 v AC
  • Drive Shaft Speed:  10,000 - 22,000 rpm
  • Quick Depth Adjustment Range:  3-5/32" (80mm)
  • Collet Diameter Range: 1/4", 1/2" and 8mm
  • Weight:  17.2 lbs (7.8 kg)
  • Collets - 1/2"
  • Chip Catcher
  • Dust Extraction Hood
  • Standard US Guide Bushing Adapter
  • SYS 4 TL Systainer

Festool OF 2200 Accessory Kit (Metric)

Includes: SYS 2 TL, Parallel Edge Guide, Guide Rail Base Kit, Guide Rods, Table Widener Base, Small Bore Base, Template Guide Base, Metric Template Guide Bushings (17, 24, 27, 40mm).  



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