Holz Technic Countersunk Head Screws 4.5mm x 80mm (200 pcs) (SNK4580)

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  • Holz Technic Countersunk Head Screws  4.5mm x 80mm (200 pcs) (SNK4580)
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The SNK countersunk head screws are ideal for fastening and pulling timber members tight. The small countersunk head is strong while it offers a low profile visual finish.

One of the these screws' features is an asymmetric “umbrella” thread that provides them with better pull-out. The notched tip cuts the fibers of the timber and makes the SNK a self-tapping timber screw: reduced splitting and improved edge distancing even without pre-drilling.

Every box comes with a TX bit. We put a lot of effort in engineering a great BIT with a great FIT.

The SNK is made of zinc plated high stength carbon steel that combines structural performance with ductility.

Use this for: indoor and dry & covered outdoor applications, non-treated lumber, carpentry work


  • Length:  3"
  • Wire Size: 4.5mm
  • Metric Size: 80mm
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