Holz Technic Membrane connections (EGOSIGNO)

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  • Holz Technic Membrane connections (EGOSIGNO)
  • Holz Technic Membrane connections (EGOSIGNO)
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  • Holz Technic Membrane connections (EGOSIGNO)
  • Holz Technic Membrane connections (EGOSIGNO)
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PassiveHouse Certified

The polyacrylic tape FLEXI BAND ensures excellent adhesion strength and resistance on all surfaces.
The special adhesive mix guarantees functionality even in undesirable conditions, for example on dusty or damp surfaces.
The larger versions are perfect for sealing chimneys, windows, membranes on plaster or on concrete, and has many other uses.
FLEXI BAND is the perfect tape for whoever needs a universal product of extraordinary quality.

Perfect adhesion even on wet or very porous surfaces, in any kind of environmental condition;
Resistant to mechanical traction, thanks to the reinforcement mesh;
The only model fitted with fingerlift, even in the 100 and 150 mm versions;
UV ray resistance guaranteed over time;
Fitted with a lateral protective disc, to prevent the tape from getting dirty, which would reduce its effectiveness.

Roll Size:

Width: 60mm

Length: 25M


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