Holz Technic Washer Head Screws With Coating 8mm x 240mm (50 pcs) (TBSEVO8240)

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Structural screws for the Great Outdoors: TBS EVO, the washer head structural timber screw, for wet service condition approved for use in Pressure Treated Lumber.

This screw features an asymmetric “umbrella” thread that provides it with better pull-out. The notched tip cuts the fibers of the timber and makes the TLL and TBS a self-tapping timber screw: reduced splitting and improved edge distancing even without pre-drilling.

Every box comes with a TX bit. We put a lot of effort in engineering a great BIT with a great FIT.

The screw is made of zinc plated high stength carbon steel that combines structural performance with ductility. The TBS EVO has an extra corrosion resistance coating for outdoor applications and Pressure Treated Lumber. EVO is a multilayer coating with surface treatment including epoxy resin and aluminum flakes.

Use this for: outdoor applications, pressure treated lumber, deck building, pergolas, carports


  • Length:  10"
  • Wire Size: 8mm
  • Metric Size: 240mm
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