Limited Edition Systainer 3 Starter Set (577081)

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Limited Edition Systainer 3 Starter Set - $115 in Savings!!!!


Empty Systainer - M 137

Empty Systainer - M 187

Empty Systainer - M 237

Organizer - M 89 with 22 Containers

Toolbox - M 137

Mounting Rails - 4 pairs

The SYS3 Starter Set provides a great way to get started getting organized with Systainers or expanding on an already established Systainer collection. Includes three (3) empty SYS3 Systainers at different heights to accommodate a wide range of organizing needs. Organizing small parts is simple in the Organizer Systainer with the clear top providing a quick and easy reference. And the Toolbox, with it’s collapsible handle, is the go-to for the odds and ends that are part of every job. The included SYS3-SN/4 rails work with the integrated slide groove in the Systainer sides to provide the basis for self-made storage cabinets.

Three good reasons to buy:


Work more efficiently by neatly storing all of the things that every project, whether in the shop or on the site, require while reducing wasted time searching for what you need.


Organization is a tremendous boost to productivity and being organized not only saves time, but also helps to ensure you have what you need to do the job.


With the Systainer System and it’s ability to be stacked and connected with a twist of the T-LOC latch it’s never been easier to move tools, accessories and consumables to where you need them.

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