Dust Extraction

Dust Extraction

FESTOOL DUST EXTRACTION - Placing Priority on working clean.  

For protecting your health, removing dust accumulations, creating a smoother finish on your work and extending the life of your power tools, use a premium shop or home dust extractor from Festool. Festool's dust extractor lineup includes several HEPA-certified models; Festool's CT HEPA dust-extraction unit can be auto-triggered to provide on-demand dust extraction. 

You can easily connect the CT dust extractors to select tools to capture fine particles easily, wherever they are. These HEPA filters are certified to create up to a 99.99 percent dust-free environment. The available antistatic hose accessory reduces saw dust build-up, and the oversized wheels and carry handle make these units portable around your home or worksite. There's also built-in cord storage for added convenience. The CT Midi and Mini are designed for smaller jobs, when you need a compact, lightweight and portable unit the most. 

The CT 26, CT 36 and CT 48 models are made for uncompromised performance. The non-HEPA unit is specially designed to be used with the PLANEX Drywall Sander, but it works well with other systems. It's made to extract large amounts of fine dust and includes tool-triggered auto-start, large wheels with double-casters and automated filter cleaning. 

Keeping an area free of dust is very important because the dust created by sanders and other tools can get into the air, negatively impacting its breathability while potentially exposing nearby tools, appliances and electronics to the unnecessary risk posed by excessive particles in the air that inevitably settle on them. At, you'll find these essential dust extractors for home or shop use, along with a selection of Festool cleaning sets, filters and bags, hoses, optional boom arms, and other dust extractor accessories. We bring you exceptional products for all your project needs, and our knowledgeable customer support team is on-hand to answer any of your questions.