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SawStop is a renowned brand in the woodworking industry, best known for its innovative safety technology in table saws. Their saws are equipped with a unique system that can detect contact with skin and stop the blade in less than 5 milliseconds, dramatically reducing the risk of serious injuries. SawStop combines this leading-edge safety feature with high-quality construction and precision engineering, making their table saws a top choice for both professional woodworkers and hobbyists. Originating from a small company with a significant idea, SawStop has grown into a leading name in the tool industry, with a commitment to safety, quality, and excellent craftsmanship.

About US Tool & Fastener

US Tool & Fastener is a division of Angel-Guard Products, Inc. We pride ourselves on offering only the very best in woodworking tools and equipment. Our staff is trained to handle all requests professionally, complete, and as quickly as possible.

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