Festool Sanders

Festool Sanders

Festool Sanders - over 50 years of sanding expertise.  

Festool unveiled their first orbital sander in 1951, changing the world of surface treatment forever. Today, Festool sanders are integrated with the Festool System lineup of products, and there several kinds of sanders available - Rotex and rotary sanders, air sanders, drywall sanders, hand sanders and other specialty sanders for special applications. How do you choose the one that's best for your needs? US Tool & Fastener is your Festool System specialist. You can browse by the type of sander you're looking for, or if you're unsure, we can walk you through the process. We also offer Festool sander accessories and abrasives by model.

Festool's line of sanders includes multi-mode models that can do everything, general purpose sanders and sanders that are application-specific. With a Festool sander, you'll get a perfect finish that's swirl-free, and because these sanders have low vibration, you'll be able to work comfortably for a long time. These sanders will give you top performance for decades, since Festool products are built to last. They include overload and thermal protection, easy pad and abrasive changes and nearly dust-free operation when used with a Festool HEPA CT dust extractor. Powerful, efficient, safe, ergonomic and long-lasting - that's the Festool way!

If you need a sander that does it all, then the Rotex multi-mode sander may be the one for you. The Festool Rotex sander can change seamlessly between rough sanding and final finishing. It can remove wood, paint or varnish, and can be used with sponges, polishing pads, sheepskin or felts for brilliant finishes. Rotary sanders are also for coarse, aggressive material removal, and can be used to strip paint. Orbital sanders can give you expert finishing on large and small areas. Festool orbit sanders also handle edges, corners and moldings with ease. Air sanders are for flat, open surfaces and offer less noise, less vibration and greater longevity than electric sanders. We also have Festool hand sanding blocks for sanding curves, contours and tight spaces.

Festool special sanders include the Duplex linear sander for edges, rabbets and profiles, and the Planex, for sanding walls and ceilings, with the ability to reach high areas.