Festool Edge Banding

Festool Edge Banding

Festool Conturo Edge Bander (KA 65)

The Festool Conturo Edge Bander offers all the power and capability of a stationary edge banding machine in a compact, portable and ergonomic design and at a lower cost. You no longer have to use a hot air gun or iron, and there's no risk of burns since the Conturo's unique hot melt glue adhesive system is thermally isolated. This innovative portable edge bander lets you achieve perfect adhesion in either a fixed position or when used on a remote job site, and the tool features dual speeds. Even if you already have a stationary edge bander, the Conturo can complement it by enabling you to work with circular pieces, radii, small pieces and bevels. You can work with all types of wood, plastic or melamine edging. Changing adhesive colors can be done quickly without a mess.

An LCD electronic display lets you configure the edge bander and monitor its operation. The Festool Conturo edge bander is unlike any other you've ever seen. It's part of the Festool System of integrated power tools, accessories and storage solutions, designed to increase productivity, maximize efficiency and deliver results with an emphasis on reliability, portability and ergonomic comfort. The Conturo is just one more example of how Festool is changing the way people work.

In addition to the Conturo edge bander, we carry a full line of Festool Conturo accessories. This includes an additional roller, edge banding trimmer, banding reel, edge trimming set, radius scraper, replacement felts and Conturo adhesives. You'll also find a specially designed worktable for stationary use and accessories such as an adapter plate, table insert and guide plates.

Festool has been leading the way in innovative power tool systems since 1929. US Tool & Fastener is your trusted source for Festool System products. We offer competitive pricing and expert knowledge on the features and capabilities of Festool power tools and accessories. Call our customer support team at 877-777-4717 if you have any questions.


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