Pica Master-Set Joiner (55010)

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  • Pica Master-Set Joiner (55010)
  • Pica Master-Set Joiner (55010)
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Pica Master-Set Joiner (55010)

Useful & compact marking kit for joiners, cabinetmakers, fitters and interior decorators.


  • 1x 3030 Pica-Dry® Longlife Automatic Pen
  • 1x 4050 Pica-Dry® refill set Joiner, graphite H
  • 1x 4020 Pica-Dry® ® refill set Basic, graphite 2B, red, yellow
  • NEW: 1x 7070 Pica Fine Dry® Longlife Automatic Pencil 0.9
  • NEW: 1x 7050 Pica Fine Dry® refill set, graphite H
  • 1x 532/52 Pica Classic INSTANT-WHITE Pen
  • FOR FREE: 1x 150/46 Pica-Ink® Deep Hole Marker, black
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