Straight Plunge, 2 Flute, 1/4" Shank

Straight Plunge, 2 Flute, 1/4" Shank

Amana Straight Plunge Bits, 2 Flute, 1/4" Shank

  • A-MAX Extended Life Bits are extra strong, lasts 200% longer
  • New Generation of high-wear outstanding carbide
  • Superior geometric design provides super clean cuts
  • Cost effective!

In choosing a straight bit for any application, always select one with the shortest cutting edges and the shortest overall length that will reach the required cut depth.  Excessive length intensifies deflection and vibration, which degrade cut quality and lead to tool breakage.  A single flute bit should be used where cut speed is more imporant than cut finish.  Making one cut per revolution is faster and you have improved chip clearance with single flute configuration, resulting in faster cuts.  Use a two flute bit where fine finish is paramount.  Two flutes balance the bit, eliminating vibration that degrade cut finish.  Two cuts per revolution yield a smooth surface, but feed rate is slightly reduced. 

VIEW ACTUAL SIZE WOOD SAMPLE | 1/4" SHANKamana-straight-plunge-router-bit.gif

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