Festool Polishing Sponge PS STF D125 5x (201990)

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  • Festool Polishing Sponge PS STF D125 5x (201990)
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Festool Polishing Sponge PS STF D125 5x (201990)

Coarse polishing sponge for paint prep and applying abrasive compounds, polishes, and waxes. Yellow (5 pieces)

Achieve unmatched surface quality with the simple and straight-forward polishing system from Festool. Color-coded polishing compounds correlate with the appropriate sponge to deliver the perfect levels of finish. Polishing compounds come in an easy-to-use squeeze bottle with resealable top with a corresponding color band to indicate which sponge is to be used with the polish. The clean and pleasant scent also provides a more enjoyable work experience without the obnoxious fumes usually associated with polishing compounds. Available in three levels of abrasiveness; medium, medium-fine, and fine, it is now easier to achieve desired results quickly.

  • Yellow
  • Coarse
  • For polishing heavily weathered surfaces (preparation for painting)
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