Festool SYS-STF D125 GR Set (577126)

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  • Festool SYS-STF D125 GR Set (577126)
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Save Valuable Time. Get Organized.

Great value of an assortment of the ultra-versatile Festool Granat abrasive, perfect for sanding finishes, paints, bare wood, epoxy and much more. To fit D125 sanders, in an M 137 Systainer 3. 

Ergonomic transportation 

The front carrying handle allows for ergonomic carrying close to the body. The front handle is available on the M 112, M 137, M 187 and L 137 for a "briefcase-style" carry.

Open, close, connect with a single turn

All Systainer3 can be connected to one another and to other generations using the Festool green T-Lock. Everything inside is accessible at all times.

Tidy storage system

Systainer3 units can be connected to many other system accessories, like the Festool mobile dust extractors and tool Systainers.


  • D125 Interface pad
  • 10x P60
  • 25x P80
  • 25x P120
  • 20x P180
  • 20x P220
Practical Pull-out handle

With Systainer3 sizes 237, 337 and 437, the pull-out handle lets you easily remove the Festool Systainerfrom a rack or drawer slide.

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