Microjig GRR-RIPPER 1/8" Leg™ Accessory (GRP-11G)

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Microjig GRR-RIPPER 1/8" Leg™ Accessory (GRP-11G)

Ultra thin rips made easy.

The GRR-RIPPER® 1/8” Leg™ Accessory easily attaches to your GRR-RIPPER® 3D Pushblock to cut thin strips safely and repeatably on a table saw. The powerful GREEN GRR-RIP® controls the workpiece, safely guiding it through the cut.

Three directions of force.

Attaches to the Main Body of the GRR-RIPPER® or to either side leg.

  • Downward pressure stabilizes work piece on a flat surface.
  • Inward pressure against the fence virtually eliminates kickback.
  • Forward pressure feeds stock consistently through the cut to eliminate burning and blade marks.

Ultimate gripping power with Green-GRIP.

GREEN GRR-RIP® give you incredible gripping power for easy handling of hardwoods, composites, plastics and aluminum.  Its treaded surface conforms to the workpiece for superior traction.  Dust and buildup easily wipes off with denatured alcohol.

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