TSO Dog Stop Kit - Includes Knobs & Dogs (61-418)

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  • TSO Dog Stop Kit - Includes Knobs & Dogs (61-418)
  • TSO Dog Stop Kit - Includes Knobs & Dogs (61-418)
  • TSO Dog Stop Kit - Includes Knobs & Dogs (61-418)
  • TSO Dog Stop Kit - Includes Knobs & Dogs (61-418)
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TSO Dog Stop Kit (61-418)

Infinite—and repeatable—position choices. You’re no longer limited to one dog/clamping hole every 96mm.

The Festool® MFT/3 multifunction table popularized the 20mm hole pattern, located 96mm on center. And for good reason: this hole pattern gives you flexibility in mounting dogs, clamps and other accessories, while keeping the table rigid and flat. But this design also has its drawbacks. Dogs could only be stopped 96mm apart with no choice in between. And horizontal clamps, cams or wedges work fine once–but cannot provide repeated accurate stops for cutting multiple identical workpieces.

TSO’s variable position TDS-10 Dog Stops™ put an end to this limitation. With the TDS-10, you can now:

  • Measure just once
  • Cut consistent, repeatable lengths on your MFT/3 or similar 20mm hole patterned worktable
  • “Save” this position to use again later
  • Accurately cut floating tenons with the Festool® DOMINO joiner while these workpieces are securely positioned—no time-consuming and imprecise clamping
  • Square cabinet door and drawer frames quickly
  • At just 1/2" (12.7mm) thick, the TDS-10 also works well for holding down parts to be sanded

How Does the TDS-10 Work?

Even the best cutting table requires some form of a material stop for controlling part length. For fine woodworking, consistent cut length is essential. Often more important than any dimension.

Most projects call for two or more parts to be of the same width and length. Easier said than done!

One thing is certain: measuring is not the answer when it comes to consistent part size. Measuring is how you establish the size of your first piece. But continuing to measure for the remaining pieces is a recipe for disappointment. That's why experienced woodworkers use some form of stop to control length of cut, a technique common with miter saw tables in particular.

The TDS-10 are the first material stops designed specifically for 20mm hole-pattern worktops, offering infinitely and precisely repeatable position choices. Unlike conventional bench dogs, the TDS-10 Dog Stops™ are fully adjustable over (3) three 20mm holes on 96mm centers, yet they remain as solid as a rock when locked in place on the table.

Simply measure and mark the first of your ripped-to-width pieces to the required dimension you need to duplicate. Place this piece against a pair of dogs oriented perpendicular to the guide rail. Then slide the piece under your guide rail until your mark lines up with the splinter guard. Before you do anything else, place one or two TDS-10 Dog Stops™ in the 20mm holes behind the edge of the work piece opposite the side being cut. Slide each TDS-10 Dog Stop™ against the back of the work piece and lock it down.

With your adjustment knobs securely locked, every subsequent piece you slide into place and cut will be the same length as the first piece you cut.

When you have a different length to cut, TSO Dog Stops™ pop right out of their 20mm holes without loosening the knobs and will remain ready to duplicate your original cut length in an instant. Just drop the TDS-10 Dog Stops back in their original two dog holes and your length of cut will be identical to the previous pieces.

For our beta testers, the TDS-10 quickly became an invaluable tool. They would dedicate a pair of stops to each cabinet job in process, clearly marking the TDS-10 positions with painters tape and penciling their location on their 20mm worktop. One of our beta testers, a pro, noted:

“I absolutely love the dog stops. I used them today to cut ten side panels for five cabinet boxes and only made one measurement. When I stacked the ten panels next to each other, you could not even feel with your fingernails where one panel ends and the next one begins.”

Festool® DOMINO Meets the TDS-10 Dog Stops™

Teamwork! – the Festool® DOMINO makes short and accurate work of mortising for loose tenon joinery. Mortising with the DOMINO goes quickly; it's the setup that takes time. Positioning the workpiece, clamping in place before making the mortises, unclamping and repeating the process with the next edge or surface… You can easily find yourself spending 10x more time with setup and clamping than you do mortising.

A simple solution: deploy several TDS-10 Dog Stops™ and some conventional dogs to capture the work piece. Cut the required mortises in all identical pieces. Reposition for the remaining mortises, and you’re done.


  • 2x - TDS-10 Dog Stops
  • 4x - TSO Double groove Small Dogs
  • 4x - M8 SpeeKnobs
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