Woodpeckers 6" Carpenters Square (CRPSQ6-INRD)

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Woodpeckers 6" Carpenters Square (CRPSQ6-INRD)

Precision aluminum carpenters square by Woodpeckers is perfect for high quality furniture construction!


  • Precision aluminum 6" Carpenters Square
  • Perfectly machined combination of 90 and 45 degrees with handles for physical reference to the edge of the work
  • Blade is machined from cast and ground aluminum tool plate, a very stable and expensive material
  • Handles are milled from solid bar stock and fastened to the body with high strength socket screws
  • Anodized for durability and appearance
  • Engraved with inch-scale markings on the vertical leg.
  • Made in USA


  • Because of the material used, this carpenter square has much greater mechanical stability and maintains close tolerances after machining.
  • Milling the blade from a single plate gives both angles a much higher degree of precision  than stamped, molded or 2-piece tools.
  • Because the hanldes are separated from the blade, this ensures they can be recalibrated to the blade if knocked out of position.
  • Precise & accurate over time
  • Heirloom quality manufacturing & durability
  • Solid rigidity & alignment


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