Woodpeckers StealthStop Miter Sled + Drop Zone (SSCMS-DLX)

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  • Woodpeckers StealthStop Miter Sled + Drop Zone (SSCMS-DLX)
  • Woodpeckers StealthStop Miter Sled + Drop Zone (SSCMS-DLX)
  • Woodpeckers StealthStop Miter Sled + Drop Zone (SSCMS-DLX)
  • Woodpeckers StealthStop Miter Sled + Drop Zone (SSCMS-DLX)
  • Woodpeckers StealthStop Miter Sled + Drop Zone (SSCMS-DLX)
  • Woodpeckers StealthStop Miter Sled + Drop Zone (SSCMS-DLX)
  • Woodpeckers StealthStop Miter Sled + Drop Zone (SSCMS-DLX)
  • Woodpeckers StealthStop Miter Sled + Drop Zone (SSCMS-DLX)
  • Woodpeckers StealthStop Miter Sled + Drop Zone (SSCMS-DLX)
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Woodpeckers StealthStop Miter Sled + Drop Zone (SSCMS-DLX)

Woodpeckers StealthStop Miter Sled delivers an accurate, versatile, easily-adjusted cross-cut sled at a very attractive price. Shop-built sleds seem like such a good idea, until you try to make a miter bar that both fits AND lasts. Then there's the whole issue of getting the back fence perfectly square. And if you want to add angles, everything gets even more complicated. For only a little more than you would pay for materials to build a miter sled, the StealthStop Miter Sled includes a miter bar that compensates for sloppy or worn miter slots, easily adjusts to the saw blade from the top, has extremely accurate stops for common miter angles and features the proven micro-adjustable StealthStops we've been making for miter saws and miter gauges for years. 

Let’s take a closer look at the features, starting with the sled adjustment. The sled attaches to the miter bar with 3 socket-head cap screws riding in milled slots. The slots give the sled the range needed to fit almost any table saw. Best of all, the adjustments are all made from above. You can tweak the sled into perfect alignment with your saw blade and lock it securely without ever removing it from the table saw.  We machine the sled from 1/2" Baltic Birch plywood that has a black micro-dot laminate on both sides. It's flat, stable and low-friction. 

 The miter bar has 4 leaf springs along the edge. The springs automatically adjust for miter slots that have worn over time or were poorly sized to begin with. They'll even average out slots that vary in dimension and help you get good results from a "less than perfect" saw.  If your saw has a T-shaped miter slot, a pair of oblong spacers fit the T-slot and keep your bar in place when fully extended. Don't worry if you don't have a T-slot…the spacers come off in seconds to fit normal 3/8" x 3/4" slots. 

When you talk about the flip stops, the name says it all. StealthStops retract completely within the fence when they're not needed, then flip out instantly when they are. They're always ready, but never in the way. The micro-adjuster has a generous range of motion with minimal backlash. By flipping out sideways (instead of down from above) you never worry about mitered ends lifting a stop out of position. 

The normal setting of the back fence gives you 21" of support. If you need to use your stop beyond that, just slide the extension out to a maximum of 29". Additional stops can be added to your StealthStop Miter Sled anytime you need them. 

The protractor and its positive stops represent the spirit of Woodpeckers engineering. A typical "pin in a hole" index requires clearance tolerances to avoid binding. Even held to very strict tolerance there's "wiggle room". To eliminate that, the StealthStop miter gauge head uses a tapered index pin. The tapered pin engaging the hole ensures perfect centering without risk of binding…and no wiggle room, even after thousands of cycles. Calibration of the protractor is dead simple and once calibrated for square cuts, all the angle stops are spot-on, too. 

By the numbers. The table of the StealthStop Compact Miter Sled measures 15" x 15". The miter bar is 3/8" x 3/4" x 18-1/2". With most 10" table saws you'll have 22" of cross-cut capacity. The positive stops on the miter head are for 3, 4, 5, 6, 8, and 12 sided objects (60°, 45°, 36°, 30°, 22-1/2° and 15°). The optional Drop Zone cut-off catch table measures 8" x 15". One sacrificial end-block is included and we offer them in 3-packs. If you have a StealthStop Miter Gauge and would like to convert it to a StealthStop Miter Sled, there's a conversion kit with all the parts and hardware you need. 

Like all Woodpeckers products, the StealthStop Miter Sled is precisely machined and carefully inspected in Strongsville, Ohio, facility (just south of Cleveland). 


  • Creating precise cross-cuts in woodworking projects
  • Building custom furniture with accurate angles
  • Crafting picture frames with perfect miters
  • Constructing detailed woodworking projects, such as boxes or geometric shapes
  • Making repeat cuts for production work, ensuring consistency across multiple pieces
  • Enhancing the accuracy of DIY home improvement projects
  • Supporting intricate inlay work by ensuring precise angle cuts
  • Facilitating the construction of wooden toys with precise parts fitting
  • Assisting in the creation of custom wooden decorations with complex angles
  • Upgrading from shop-built sleds for a more reliable and durable solution
  • Improving the precision of cuts in hobbyist model building or miniature crafting
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