Festool ETS 125 REQ Random Orbital Sander in NEW SYS3 (576070) with Edge Sanding Guide ETS 125 REQ (205316)

  • Festool ETS 125 REQ Random Orbital Sander in NEW SYS3 (576070) with Edge Sanding Guide ETS 125 REQ (205316)
  • Festool ETS 125 REQ Random Orbital Sander in NEW SYS3 (576070) with Edge Sanding Guide ETS 125 REQ (205316)
  • Festool ETS 125 REQ Random Orbital Sander in NEW SYS3 (576070) with Edge Sanding Guide ETS 125 REQ (205316)

Expected release date is 31st Jul 2024

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Festool ETS 125 REQ Random Orbital Sander in NEW SYS3 (576070) with Edge Sanding Guide ETS 125 REQ (205316)

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The Versatile ETS 125 has the finest sanding stroke at 5/64" (2.0mm), and is the ideal one-handed machine for maximum surface quality when finishing or pre-sanding.  Compact in size and weighing only 2.4 lbs, the ETS 125 is perfect for sanding vertical surfaces and for doing overhead work.


  • Tight Sanding Stroke - With a 5/64" (2mm) sanding stroke, the ETS 125 produces exceptional fine and superfine sanding results.
  • Ergonomics - Formed to fit comfortably in any size hand.  Compact and lightweight enough for extended vertical and overhead use.
  • Vibration-stop - Balanced design delivers better finish results, smooth operation and greater comfort.
  • Pad brake - Stops the pad quickly when setting the tool down for less worry of potentially damaging a freshly finished workpiece.
  • StickFix mechanical fastening design - Fast and easy abrasive removal with resilient pad hooks and hard-wearing fabric backing, leading to longer abrasive and pad life.  
  • Variable speed - Step-less speed control allows adjusting to the needs of the application.
  • 13' Plug-it Power Cord - Interchangeable, long cord design allows quick switches between tools and provides plenty of cord for movement.
  • Sealed Switch - Internally sealed switch is protected from dust for long life.
  • Dust extraction - Jetstream design delivers highly efficient dust removal, resulting in cleaner air, better finishes, and longer abrasive and pad life.
  • Power Consumption:  250 watts /  2.0 Amps 120 v AC
  • Pad size: 5" (125mm) dia.
  • Speed: 6,000 - 12,000 opm
  • Sanding Stroke:  5/64" (2mm)
  • Dust extraction port: 27mm
  • Weight: 2.6 lbs (1.1 kg)


  • StickFix Sanding Pad
  • Long Life Dust Bag
  • Festool Edge Protector
  • Filter bag with holder
  • Plug-it Power Cord
  • Systainer SYS3 M 187 

Festool Edge Sanding Guide ETS 125 REQ (205316)

The Festool Edge Sanding Guide gives you the speed and reliable finish quality that you would otherwise only expect from stationary edge-sanding equipment. Easily and quickly attaches to the 5” Random Orbit Sander ETS 125 REQ and the Cordless Sander ETSC 125. Its intuitive and ergonomic design adapts to practically any kind of edge, angle, or curvature. Create finished results with consistency and in less time than hand sanding.

  • Improve finish results on edges, quickly and easily, while avoiding tilting or accidentally burning through material
  • Controlled sanding with soft mode to adapt the angle to the work-piece or hard mode to keep a fixed angle position
  • Set and hold angles with a tool-free adjustment and lock system
  • Rapid abrasive changes with paper-change position
  • Ergonomic TPE handle with multiple gripping options for less fatigue and ultimate control
  • Protect sensitive workpieces with replaceable base runner pads
  • Improve edge surface results on small to large workpieces, edges from 3/16“ – 2-3/8“ (5-60 mm), angled surfaces from 43 - 92°, curves in contour, and sanding near to edges of inner corners
  • Compatible with the 5" Random Orbit Sander ETS 125 REQ and Cordless Sander ETSC 125
  • for sanding filled, painted and solid wood edges in fixed angular positions without any tipping

Ultimate Control

Reduce tipping or excess sanding on edges. The edge sanding guide helps to maintain flush contact and consistent pressure on the edge to ensure flawless sanding.

Cost-efficient and Quick

Save up to 50% of your valuable time compared to a hand sanding block. Setting the right angle is quick and intuitive. A simple and effective alternative to stationary machines.

Suitable for Any Edge

Whether straight or curved, unfinished or painted, square or angled. Even large and bulky workpieces can be sanded to perfection in no time compared to manual sanding.


  • Base LAS-H-ES
  • Base LAS-W-ES
  • Hex key





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