Festool LR 32 Guide Plate (494340)

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Festool LR 32 Guide Plate. LR 32 Guide Plate is a component of the Festool 32mm Hole Drilling System. Easily attach most plunge routers to the LR32 Guide Plate by two thumb screws on the base. A centering mandrel (included) will help center the the router correctly. Once the router in mounted on the plate you can use on any of the 3 Festool LR32 Guide Rails. LR32 Guide Rails are available in 1080mm (42"), 1400mm (55") and 2424mm (95"). Once attached to the Guide Rail the router can easily slide on a straight edge and use the index holes on the guide rail by using the spring loaded rocker pin. Once mounted and aligned into position. A simple plunge of the router to apply the hole, return router to top position, release the rocker arm pin, slide router to the next hole, pin automatically springs in to next position and locks in place awaiting next plunge. A quick, easily and repeatable system allowing flexibility in the shop or in the field for the European 32mm grid pattern. With centering mandrel for use with LR 32 hole drilling system.Requires LR 32 guide rail. Most plunge routers can be used Centering Mandrel is included Plate and Centering Manderel only Adjustable guides on plate can reduce the slop from plate to rail - adjust so there is little to no play. Spring Pin in Rocker arm can travel and be easily released in either direction on the rail.

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