Festool NEW MultiJetstream 2 Super Soft Pad, D6 (202459)

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  • Festool NEW MultiJetstream 2 Super Soft Pad, D6 - full view
  • Festool NEW MultiJetstream 2 Super Soft Pad, D6
  • Festool NEW MultiJetstream 2 Super Soft Pad, D6 - side view
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Festool NEW MultiJetstream 2 Super Soft Pad, D6 (202459)

  • NEW Multi-Jetstream 2 Technology fits ETS 150/3, ETS 150/5 and RO 150 EQ
  • Pad attaches to sander via single bolt in the center of the pad.

The secret to a great finish lies in the use of the right pad and abrasive for the application at hand.  With the Festool System, you'll find a solution for virtually any application, and you'll produce better results with pads, abrasives, sanders and dust extractors designed to work seamlessly and efficiently together.

Features & Benefits:

  • Super soft pad is more forgiving, producing better sanding results on contours and profiles
  • New Multi-Jetstream 2 pads are the latest from Festool in high-performance sanding accessories
  • It offers truer runing performance for smoother surfaces, less vibration, and longer life
  • Fusion-Tec pads are fully compatible with all current Festool 6" abrasives including Jetstream & Multi-Jetstream 2 hole patterns
  • A highly-resilient, heat-resistant MPE foam is utlilized in all Festool pads for consistent finishing results, uniform wearing, and extended pad life
  • Jetstream 2 design delivers highly effective dust removal, resulting in cleaner air, better finishes, and longer pad and abrasive life
  • Quickly match the pad to the surface with the efficient FastFix tool-less pad change
  • StickFix hook and loop design for quick and efficient abrasive changes; enables re-use of partially used abrasives

Includes:  (1) Festool NEW MultiJetstream 2 Super Soft Pad, D6 (202459)

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