Festool Phone charger PHC 18 (577155)

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  • Festool Phone charger PHC 18 (577155)
  • Festool Phone charger PHC 18 (577155)
  • Festool Phone charger PHC 18 (577155)
  • Festool Phone charger PHC 18 (577155)
  • Festool Phone charger PHC 18 (577155)
  • Festool Phone charger PHC 18 (577155)
  • Festool Phone charger PHC 18 (577155)
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Festool Phone charger PHC 18 (577155)

for all 18V Li-ion battery packs (with the exception of 3.1 Ah Ergo battery packs) 

Able to charge three smartphones at the same time: With its classic USB-A and USB-C ports and its inductive charging surface

Mobile Phone Charging Station

No more empty smartphone batteries: The PHC 18 phone charger acts as a clever adapter that transforms every Festool 18 V battery pack into a power bank (with the exception of 3.1 Ah Ergo battery packs). No more searching for an open socket or worrying about whether your smartphone battery will last until the end of the day: This means that your mobile phone is always ready to use. In addition, despite its compact design, it can supply up to three smartphones with power at the same time – both via users’ PHC 18 own charging cables and inductive charging.

Tailor-made to Festool battery packs

It doesn’t matter which Festool 18 V battery pack you currently have – the PHC 18 phone charger can turn all of them into a
power bank (with the exception of 3.1 Ah Ergo battery packs). Just like with a cordless tool, simply put the smartphone on the
charged battery pack and the smartphone will be supplied with power for charging.

Cordless freedom

Saves time searching for charging cables: simply put your mobile phone on the phone charger and it will be inductively
charged (provided that the mobile phone or smartphone supports inductive charging) or you can also charge your device via a
charging cable in a USB port.

Supplies power for up to three devices at the same time

The classic USB-A and USB-C ports and the inductive charging surface enable the charging station to charge up to three smartphones at the same time.

Powerful connections for every charging cable

The standard USB-A and USB-C ports, each with 12 W of power, mean that any mobile phone can be connected to the PHC 18 phone charger.

Technical data

Inductive charging compatible with Qi-BPP/PPDE 5 W / 9 W

USB output 5 V / 2,4 A / 12 W

USB port compatible with type C 5 V / 3,0 A / 15 W

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