Festool Planer HL 850 E-F-Plus (576258)

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  • Festool Planer HL 850 E-F-Plus (576258)
  • Festool Planer HL 850 E-F-Plus (576258)
  • Festool Planer HL 850 E-F-Plus (576258)
  • Festool Planer HL 850 E-F-Plus (576258)
  • Festool Planer HL 850 E-F-Plus (576258)
  • Festool Planer HL 850 E-F-Plus (576258)
  • Festool Planer HL 850 E-F-Plus (576258)
  • Festool Planer HL 850 E-F-Plus (576258)
  • Festool Planer HL 850 E-F-Plus (576258)
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Festool Planer HL 850 E-F-Plus (576258) *IMPERIAL (inches)* - Unlimited Rabbeting

Achieving satisfactory work with an electric planer on edges and rabbets is often very difficult, because the planer will leave a lip that must be removed by hand. However, the Festool HL 850 enables you to cut perfectly flush to an adjacent surface, since it's able to plane across the full width of the rabbet, however deep it is. The planer head is mounted to one side, putting it flush with the opposite side of the planer housing. Planing is also safer because of a retractable spring-loaded side guard which swings up and off to the side as rabbet depth increases. Precise depth settings are possible with the rotary handle depth adjustment feature. The single knife cutter-head gives you a quieter and smoother cut. There are multiple head options for rustic architectural effects. Use the Festool HL 850 planer for perfect rabbeting.

New feature: With new IEC 62841 standards. The primary change is that planers have been fitted with a restart lock. This ensures planers will not start up independently after a power failure. 


  • Unlimited rabbeting depth:  The planer head allows you to work right up to the edge.
  • Single knife cutterhead:  Spiral cutterhead design with replaceable cutting knife for a smooth, 'chatter-free' cut.
  • Interchangeable Heads:  For different effects from distressed to hand-hewn textured effects.
  • Rotary handle depth adjustment:  The front handle doubles as a depth control knob with a cut depth up to 9/64" (3.5mm)
  • MMC electronics:  Equipped with soft-start for no-jolt starts, and constant speed under load, for consistent cutting speed and smooth results.  
  • Converts to a jointer:  With the addition of a bench unit stand and angle stop, the HL 850 becomes a stationary jointer for working edges.
  • Near total chip extraction:  Efficient chip extraction with left or right side mounting.  For best performance use with Festool CT 26 or CT 36 or CT 48 Dust Extractors and the D 36 hose.  
  • Thumb-lock depth control:  Makes depth setting a streamlined one-hand operation so you can easily adjust your depth settings to match the resistance of the material.  
  • Power Consumption:  850 watts/7 amp 120 v AC
  • Drive Shaft Speed:  10,000 rpm
  • Cutting Depth:  0 - 9/64" (0 - 3.5mm)
  • Rabbeting depth:  Unlimited
  • Head width:  3-15/64" (82 mm)
  • Noise level at idle:  79 dB (A)
  • Weight:  8.6 lbs (3.9 Kg)
  • Parallel Stop
  • Standard Planer Head
  • Solid Carbide Standard Blade
  • Rabbet depth guide
  • SYS Gen 3
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Warranty Information

Festool 3-Year, Service All Inclusive
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