Festool Sliding Table (492100)

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  • Festool Sliding Table (492100)
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Festool Sliding Table (492100)

The Sliding Table provides even greater functionality to the CMS Router Table in many ways.  First, it multiplies the surface area of the table which translates to greater controllability when maneuvering material and it increases the transfer of stock on the table by providing a rolling support surface that moves with the workpiece.  With its integrated, adjustable stop points it is easy to set up repeat cuts like stopped dados.  Also built-in to the sliding table are multiple mounting points for the optional miter gauge assembly with fence.  The assembly in conjuction with the sliding table provides the means to set angles as well as clamp the material to the fence of the gauge and move the entire piece in harmony with the sliding table.  

The Sliding Table is included in the Set Version of the CMS GE or CMS VL, or can be purchased separately.

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