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  • Microjig MATCHFIT X-PAD™(X-PAD-K4)
  • Microjig MATCHFIT X-PAD™(X-PAD-K4)
  • Microjig MATCHFIT X-PAD™(X-PAD-K4)
  • Microjig MATCHFIT X-PAD™(X-PAD-K4)
  • Microjig MATCHFIT X-PAD™(X-PAD-K4)
  • Microjig MATCHFIT X-PAD™(X-PAD-K4)
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Like two clamps in one.

The X-PAD™ is an upgrade for MATCHFIT Dovetail Clamps that allows you to clamp in two directions at once—achieving in-line clamping with unrestricted clamp positioning.

How to use: Simply slide the X-PAD™ onto the round cap of any MATCHFIT Dovetail Clamp to add a whole new level of functionality.

In-line pressure with zero lift.

The X-PAD applies hold-down and in-line pressure as the clamp tightens. The combined forces keep your workpieces flat and eliminate the need for two or more different clamps

Clamp round or oblong stock with ease.

The V-groove profile gives you two points of contact to clamp. Simply turn the X-PAD™90º to clamp round and oblong-profile stock with a single clamp.

Use it around your whole shop.

Tricky Glue-Ups

How would you clamp a 3-sided miter - band clamp? Not a chance. The X-PAD™ applies pressure to both sides of the joint, keeping it flat and square, even without a 4th side to support it. Only four Dovetail Clamps upgraded with X-PADs eliminate the need for different types of clamps.

Work-Holding Like A Pro‍

Securing material without obstructing the top can be a real challenge. This is traditionally  done with a combo of bench dogs, in-line clamps, and costly end-vices. MATCHFIT Dovetail Clamps with X-PADs allow you to use spacers to hold your workpiece for any process that requires unrestricted access to the top.

Safer, Cleaner Cuts

The X-PAD's Pressure Transfer Notch gives you more points of contact on the workpiece. This keeps your material firmly in place for safer, cleaner cuts with a table saw sled.

Includes : (4) X-PAD

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