PHEINOX FIN TRIM Stainless Steel

PHEINOX FIN TRIM Stainless Steel

GRK PHEINOX FIN/TRIM Stainless Steel Screws

- Interior / Exterior Use

- No Pre-Drilling Unless Material Requires

- Fine Carpentry

- Smallest Head On The Market      

PHEINOX™ stainless steel screws are made from only the best grade of stainless steel wire, 305. The unique characteristics of the PHEINOX™ wire give our stainless steel screws unmatched performance, by maximizing both torque and increasing bending strength.

US Tool & Fastener recommends the use of the PHEINOX™ stainless steel fasteners in tropical wood, cedar wood, pool, hot tub, sauna and seaside applications, as well as deck applications in areas with large daily temperature variances. The ultimate finish for superior all wather corrosion protection.

For best results, Trim screws should be driven at half-speed.  To prolong the life of the #10 Bit, Do not use an impact driver on the #8 Trim Head Screw.

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