Shaper Plate (SV1-AA)

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  • Shaper Plate (SV1-AA)
  • Shaper Plate (SV1-AA)
  • Shaper Plate (SV1-AA)
  • Shaper Plate (SV1-AA)
  • Shaper Plate (SV1-AA)
  • Shaper Plate (SV1-AA)
  • Shaper Plate (SV1-AA)
  • Shaper Plate (SV1-AA)
  • Shaper Plate (SV1-AA)
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Shaper Plate (SV1-AA)

Shaper Plate is the universal template for Origin

Shaper Plate brings efficiency and precision to your projects when installing hardware, inlaying in slabs, corner rounding, routing system 32 holes in cabinetry, and much, much more.

Multiple flags and a fence allow for adaptable fixturing on virtually any workpiece. Plate's pull-down reticle makes it simple to align with marks on your workpiece. The anti-slip backing means that you can use Plate on most surfaces without clamping.

With digital files available on Origin, Plate becomes a universal template to install a wide range of hardware, inlay bow ties, round over edges, route system 32 holes and so much more. Simply mark your stock, align Plate and cut with Origin. Fast to set up and endlessly flexible, Plate allows you to bring precision cutting to the workflows you know and trust.

Familiar- Combines with traditional workflows like aligning with pencil marks- Feels like a jig or template, yet is so much more.

Bridging Physical to Digital-Register real features to locate and place digital objects -Use the best techniques you already know and use.

Meet Hardware Catalog - Hardware Catalog expands Plate's functionality, providing vetted digital hardware files to instantly sync with Origin and place on your workpiece.


  • Hardware Installation
  • Barbells and Bowties
  • Corner Rounding


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