Woodpeckers Clampzilla - 38 Inch Capacity - Individual (CLPZ-38-1-22)

  • Woodpeckers Clampzilla - 38 Inch Capacity - Individual (CLPZ-38-1-22)
  • Woodpeckers Clampzilla - 38 Inch Capacity - Individual (CLPZ-38-1-22)
  • Woodpeckers Clampzilla - 38 Inch Capacity - Individual (CLPZ-38-1-22)

Expected release date is 17th May 2024

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Woodpeckers Clampzilla - 38 Inch Capacity - Individual (CLPZ-38-1-22)

Woodpeckers ClampZILLA 4-Way Panel Clamp places bars on both sides of your stock, joined together by a self-centering scissors joint on both ends. ClampZILLA focuses the lateral pressure on the exact center of your panel (which avoids bowing), while applying vertical pressure to keep the faces correctly aligned. That’s been true for two OneTIME Tool releases of ClampZILLA, but now we’ve improved it with more attachment points in the bars and a new scissors joint design that applies almost double the vertical clamping pressure and improves clearance on thicker work. It’s the best ClampZILLA ever, and it’s now part of the permanent product line-up at Woodpeckers.

In addition to keeping your panels flatter, ClampZILLA saves you both time and money. You would need 2 regular bar clamps plus 2 “F” clamps and a set of clamping cauls to replace one ClampZILLA 4-Way Panel Clamp. That’s four screws that you have to adjust, while ClampZILLA applies vertical and horizontal pressure simultaneously by simply turning one screw. Your boards move into proper alignment as the edges come together. No more anxiety-filled gluing sessions worrying about the glue starting to set before you get just the right amount of pressure on each clamp.

ClampZILLA’s updated design works with stock from 5/8" to 4". For jobs thinner than 5/8", you can add a piece of 3/4" material above and below your stock and get all the benefits of ClampZILLA’s centered lateral pressure and simultaneous vertical pressure on stock down to 1/4", or even less. End spacers are no longer needed on thick glue-ups and the vertical pressure is almost double that of the earlier design.

ClampZILLA earned its unusual name when we ran it through some torture testing. It took a three-foot long cheater bar and all of the product developer’s strength to break the Acme-threaded clamping screw. Just before failure, ClampZILLA was exerting over 6,500 pounds of clamping pressure. And to be honest, it was still exerting that much pressure after failure…the screw broke at the handle.

We designed ClampZILLA for the long haul. The steel bars and clamping pads are powder-coated for a tough, long-lasting finish…dried glue usually just pops right off. All the clamping mechanism components are machined from zinc-plated hardened steel, except the clamp screw pivot, which is machined from brass. All machining is done on state-of-the-art CNC equipment right here in our Strongsville facility.

ClampZILLA now comes in 3 sizes: 18", 38" and 50" capacity. The 50" bars are quite heavy and long, so we also sell them separately so you can replace the bars in either the 18" or 38" clamps only when you need the extra length. Older ClampZILLA 4-way Panel Clamps can be upgraded with the new scissor joints, nearly doubling the vertical clamping force. Upgrade kit includes everything you need to convert your old ClampZILLAs. If you need storage for your ClampZILLAs, you can fit up to four of them in one of Woodpeckers Clamp Rack-Its (sold separately) and have them put away as fast as you can drive two lag bolts.

Like all Woodpeckers products, the ClampZILLA 4-Way Panel Clamps are precisely machined and carefully inspected in our Strongsville, Ohio factory (just south of Cleveland). Don't delay, order yours today!


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