Woodpeckers Mini in-DEXABLE Square Deluxe Kit (I-SDK-MI)

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  • Woodpeckers Mini in-DEXABLE Square Deluxe Kit (I-SDK-MI)
  • Woodpeckers Mini in-DEXABLE Square Deluxe Kit (I-SDK-MI)
  • Woodpeckers Mini in-DEXABLE Square Deluxe Kit (I-SDK-MI)
  • Woodpeckers Mini in-DEXABLE Square Deluxe Kit (I-SDK-MI)
  • Woodpeckers Mini in-DEXABLE Square Deluxe Kit (I-SDK-MI)
  • Woodpeckers Mini in-DEXABLE Square Deluxe Kit (I-SDK-MI)
  • Woodpeckers Mini in-DEXABLE Square Deluxe Kit (I-SDK-MI)
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Woodpeckers Mini in-DEXABLE Square Deluxe Kit (I-SDK-MI)

Woodpeckers MINI in-DEXABLE combination and double squares pack all the great features of our full-size in-DEXABLES into compact tools that fit comfortably in your shop apron or jeans pocket. Now we’re expanding the MINI in-DEXABLE range with a Protractor Head and Centering Head. The Protractor Head delivers accurate layout at any angle, with positive stops at 22-1/2°, 45°, 67-1/2° and 90°. The Centering Head locates the center of square and round stock with two quick marks. Both feature the same full-inch indexing feature found on the Combination Square and Double Square, enabling the use of the laser-accurate scribing guides in the graduated blades.

The feature we think you’ll find most useful in all the MINI in-DEXABLE System is the laser-cut scribing guides cut every sixteenth-inch along the blade. The guides are just the right size to capture a pencil tip for highly accurate parallel scribing. But where’s the “zero point” for the scribing guides? How do you get a true starting point with a head that moves? Just depress the spring-loaded index pin and lock the head at any full inch…now your scribing guides are dialed in and ready for accurate parallel marking.

The MINI Protractor Head features the same silky smooth angle adjustment mechanism found in the full-size in-DEXABLE protractor head…just smaller. The laser-engraved angle scale is crisp and easy to read. Just line the edge of the blade to the scale and you’re dialed in. For standard angles, the indexing pin makes it even easier...just bring the blade against the index pin and lock it up. With the head locked at 90° you have a compact T-Square with scribing guides on 1/16" centers.

The MINI Centering Head attaches to the blade at 45°. Just scribe across the end of your square stock from 2 corners and the intersection is the center. If the stock is out of square, just mark from all 4 corners and the “box” created contains the center of the largest true square. You can also locate the center of round stock in a similar fashion. Just position the Centering Head on the circle in two different spots and you’ll have the center. The back side of the Centering Head is squared off so you can use the indexing feature and the scribing guides without swapping to a different head.

For years, one of our customers’ favorite features of our fixed-head squares has been the shoulder that keeps the square in position on the edge of your stock. We’ve added that to our combination and double squares, too. Just slide the head support out to keep the head of your square perfectly positioned without needing three hands. If it’s in the way, it just slides back into the head and doesn’t interfere with the alignment of the square in any way.

The standard MINI Combination Square comes with a 6" blade. The standard MINI Double Square comes with a 4" blade. The MINI Protractor Head includes an 8" blade. And the MINI Centering Head comes with a 4" blade. Of course, all MINI in-DEXABLE blades fit all MINI in-DEXABLE heads. If you already have some of the MINI in-DEXABLE system and want just a head, or you want a non-standard head and blade combination, visit our MINI in-DEXABLE Components page for individual component pricing. Or, if this is all news to you and you want the whole enchilada, you can get all four heads, all three blades and Rack-Its for everything in our MINI in-DEXABLE Deluxe Kit.

Like all Woodpeckers products, the MINI in-DEXABLE Combination Square System is precisely machined and carefully inspected in our Strongsville, Ohio factory (just south of Cleveland).

  • Country of manufacture: United States


  • Creating accurate layouts at any angle for woodworking projects
  • Marking precise angles for cuts, including common angles like 22-1/2°, 45°, 67-1/2°, and 90°
  • Locating the center of square and round stock quickly for drilling or detailed work
  • Scribing parallel lines with high accuracy for joinery or decorative purposes
  • Using as a compact T-Square for marking right angles on smaller pieces of work
  • Determining the center of irregularly shaped objects by marking from all corners
  • Keeping the tool positioned on the edge of the stock for hands-free marking or measuring
  • Customizing the tool setup with different heads and blades for specific project needs
  • Ensuring precise measurements and marks in tight spaces where larger tools won't fit
  • Enhancing woodworking, metalworking, or DIY projects with professional-level accuracy and versatility


  • (1) Protractor
  • (1) Center Finder
  • (1) Combination
  • (1) Double Square Heads
  • (1) 8 Inch Blade  
  • (1) 6 Inch Blade  
  • (1) 4 Inch Blade  
  • (4) Rack-It's
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