Woodpeckers | Saw Gauge (SG-WP)

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  • Woodpeckers | Saw Gauge (SG-WP)
  • Woodpeckers | Saw Gauge (SG-WP)
  • Woodpeckers | Saw Gauge (SG-WP)
  • Woodpeckers | Saw Gauge (SG-WP)
  • Woodpeckers | Saw Gauge (SG-WP)
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Woodpeckers | Saw Gauge (SG-WP) - Expertly align your saw blade for a perfect cut


There's no question that proper saw alignment is critical for doing safe, accurate work. In fact, having a well-aligned saw is even more important for accurate crosscutting than it is for ripping, since a miter gauge must always be calibrated against the miter slot.

To get your equipment as fine tuned as it can be, Woodpeckers' new Saw Gauge is an attractive new take on a well-proven concept with several unique features:

It fits any miter slot between 5/8"- and 3/4"-wide (and even beyond). This is a big deal if you have a Shopsmith multi-machine or you want to align the fence on a European band saw, to list two examples, as there really aren't any other choices to fit non-standard miter slots.

The three-pin mechanism that guides the gauge in the miter slot is instantly self adjusting and 100% stable with no input from the user. Fast and easy.

The V-groove features on the bottom of the gauge body allow instant, tool-free adjustment of the gauge's range, and range positions are completely repeatable.

The Saw Gauge uses a dial indicator with a 1" stroke and 1/1000" dial graduations, perfect for aligning the blade and rip fence to the saw's miter slot, checking saw blade runout, and even diagnosing internal problems like arbor and arbor flange runout.


  • The most reliable and accurate way to align the saw blade and rip fence with the left hand miter gauge slot
  • Woodpeckers Saw Gauge is the first alignment tool that automatically adjusts to the width of the miter slot through use of three precision ground steel pins
  • Works whether the slot if 5/8" wide or 3/4" wide
  • Patented design ensures a perfect fit and smooth travel up and down the center of the miter slot
  • No tools, no adjustment, just a perfect fit
  • No set-up or calibration required
  • Another exclusive feature is it's ability to set one distance for the alignment of the saw blade, and instantly be able to reset to a different location to adjust the rip fence
  • Can also be used to measure the arbor
  • Dial indicator has 1" of travel as well as a rotation counter
  • One thousandth of an inch graduations
  • Adjustable Scale & Bezel
  • Made in USA (with exception of the dial)
  • Includes a molded case with foam insert for storage and travel


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