Festool 1.5 Degree Horizontal Base MFK 700 (495165)

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Festool 1.5 Degree Horizontal Base MFK 700. For use with MFK 700 router on edge banding. This item comes with the MFK 700 set version. Includes base, bearing set, and dust hood. The slight inclination of the base results in a slight bevel on the edge, so you don't have to file it afterwards. The base in conjunction with the feeler bearing set allows for usage of bearing-less bits. For edge banding thicker than 3/8 inches we recommend to use the 0 degree horizontal base in order to avoid a visible slope. Save time not having to file the edge Fine adjustment allows precise trimming of edge banding Accuracy avoids waste of material Allows for use of bearing-less bits in conjunction with feeler bearing set mounted to MFK 700 router No maring of work surface with feeler bearing set mounted to MFK 700 router

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