Festool Systainer Level (577220)

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Festool Systainer Level (577220)

The spirit level has a horizontal and vertical level and provides a measuring accuracy of +/- 1.0 mm/m. It features a metric scale on the front and an inch scale on the back. Practical: The contact surface has a prismatic design, making it perfect for contact with shafts and tubes. Thanks to its lightweight aluminum profile (AlMgSi 0.5 naturally anodized, dimensions: 35.4 x 1.2 x 2.6 cm, this spirit level, made in Germany, features high quality and a long service life. Engineered for Accuracy Embrace the essence of precision with the Festool Spirit Level LEYSYS-FT1. Crafted in the distinctive Festool design and manufactured in Germany, this tool is a testament to high-quality engineering and meticulous attention to detail. It's not just a spirit level, it's a precision instrument designed to elevate your projects to the next level. The Festool Spirit Level LEYSYS-FT1 embodies the perfect blend of functionality, precision, and durability. Ideal for professionals and enthusiasts who demand accuracy in every aspect of their work, from construction to interior design. With its compact design, dual scaling, and prismatic contact surface, it ensures that every measurement is both easy and accurate. Step up to the next level of precision with the LEYSYS-FT1, another outstanding example of Festool's commitment to quality and innovation.


  • Systainer Compatibility: Designed with practicality in mind, it includes secure storage and simple transportation options, thanks to its fit in the Systainer handle, ensuring your spirit level is always protected and ready for action
  • Dual-Level Functionality: Equipped with one horizontal and one vertical level, this spirit level meets diverse measuring needs with an accuracy of +/- 1.0 mm/m, ensuring your work is always precise and up to standards
  • Metric and Inch Scaling: Catering to a wide range of preferences and requirements, the front features metric scaling, while the reverse boasts inch scaling, making it versatile for various projects and locations
  • Prismatic Contact Surface: Uniquely designed for versatility, its prismatic contact surface is ideal for use with shafts or pipes, providing stability and accuracy in measurements across different surfaces
  • Durability and Quality: Constructed from solid aluminum profile and detailed with high-quality ABS in silver with green and blue detailing, this spirit level promises longevity and resilience in the demanding environments of construction and design
  • 35.4 cm Length (13.93 Inches)
  • 1.2 cm Height (0.47 Inches)
  • 2.6 cm Width (1.02 Inches)
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