Woodpeckers Woodworking Rule 900mm (WWR900)

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  • Woodpeckers Woodworking Rule 900mm (WWR900)
  • Woodpeckers Woodworking Rule 900mm (WWR900)
  • Woodpeckers Woodworking Rule 900mm (WWR900)
  • Woodpeckers Woodworking Rule 900mm (WWR900)
  • Woodpeckers Woodworking Rule 900mm (WWR900)
  • Woodpeckers Woodworking Rule 900mm (WWR900)
  • Woodpeckers Woodworking Rule 900mm (WWR900)
  • Woodpeckers Woodworking Rule 900mm (WWR900)
  • Woodpeckers Woodworking Rule 900mm (WWR900)
  • Woodpeckers Woodworking Rule 900mm (WWR900)
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Woodpeckers Woodworking Rule 900mm (WWR900)

Woodpeckers Woodworking Rules are straighter, heavier, sit flatter, and are easier to handle than any others on the market. Add to that an engraving tolerance of ±.004" total accumulated error and we’re talking about the finest rules you can put in your workshop.

Each Woodworking Rule is machined from aircraft-grade aluminum and anodized for surface protection and appearance. Both edges of the rule are beveled 30° to reduce parallax error. The bright white laser-engraved scales have great contrast against the red anodized surface. Finger grooves are machined into the middle of the body to help position the rule. On the backside, there’s a relieved section in the middle to keep the edges lying perfectly flat on your work.

We have several different graduation layouts to meet your specific needs. Our most popular version has a left-to-right reading scale on one side and a centering scale on the other. The centering scale is just the ticket for jobs like locating drawer handles. The “0” mark is at the exact center of the rule, with the scale running in both directions from that point. It’s quick and easy to move the rule to locate center of a board and then to lay out equal spacing from that point. 

Another popular layout available in our 24", 36" and 49-1/2" rules reads left-to-right on one side and right-to-left on the other. It’s perfect for measuring from your table saw rip fence to the blade. And if you work in both inch and metric measurements, there’s a 49-1/2" model with a left-to-right inch scale on one side and a left-to-right metric scale on the other. 

The ends of the all the rules (except the 6") have a pair of precision-machined threaded holes in both ends. These allow you to mount two clever accessories to your rule. The Hook Stop gives you a compact physical reference for the end of the rule. It speeds up lay out work and improves accuracy, too. The newest accessory for the Woodworking Rules is the 45/90 Combo T. Attach this to your rule and you have an instant T-square. Even better, depress the button in the head and turn the base to a perfect 45°. You can leave it on permanently, or just add it when you need it. There’s also the Rule Stop, which clamps to the body of the Woodworking Rule anywhere you want it. It makes repetitive marking quick and easy. Rest assured, the product development team is hard at work on even more accessories to help you get the most out of your Woodworking Rules. 

Our inch-graduated Woodworking Rules come in five sizes (6", 12", 24", 36" & 49-1/2"). We have metric-graduated Woodworking Rules in four sizes (300mm, 600mm, 900mm & 1200mm). 

Like all Woodpeckers tools, the Woodworking Rules are precisely made and carefully inspected in Strongsville, Ohio, manufacturing facility (on the south side of the Cleveland metro area). 


  • (1) Woodpeckers | Woodworking Rule 900mm (WWR900)


  • 900mm blade machined from aircraft-grade aluminum
  • Anodized for surface protection & appearance
  • Precise laser engraved markings, 1mm graduations
  • Markings engraved on a 30 degree bevel for easy alignment to pencil marks
  • 0-900 Standard Scale
  • 0-450-0 Center Scale
  • Sits flat because of a recess down center of bottom surface
  • Finger groove down center to help position the rule into place
  • Application specific engineering
  • Made in the USA


  • Straighter, flatter, heavier, accurate & precise
  • Designed with furniture & cabinet making in mind
  • Dependably accurate for finished furniture parts
  • Great for pencil lines or scoring veneer
  • Center scale allows quick layout from center of rule
  • Measure from both sides of the work without having to turn the ruler
  • Works with Rule Stop and Hook Stop for repeat and easy markings
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