Kreg 3-Spindle Electric Pocket Hole Machine (DK3100)

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  • Kreg 3-Spindle Electric Pocket Hole Machine (DK3100)
  • Kreg 3-Spindle Electric Pocket Hole Machine (DK3100)
  • Kreg 3-Spindle Electric Pocket Hole Machine (DK3100)
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Kreg 3-Spindle Electric Pocket Hole Machine (DK3100)

If you’re looking for the ultimate machine to build face-fames, this is it. The DK3100 contains three spindles that allow you to drill two pocket holes across rails of varying widths in just one machine cycle. Best of all, the DK3100 can also be quickly changed to drill a single pocket hole, like our DK1100 series, by simply removing a drill bit. If you’re serious about face-frame production, the DK3100 is the machine that will deliver real performance to your shop and profits to your bottom line.

The DK3100 not only drills two pocket holes in one cycle, it also gives you options for spacing the holes. You can set the drill spindles at 3/4", 1", and 1-3/4" on center, perfect for today’s most common rail widths.


  • Pocket Holes, Twice as Fast!Multiple spindles give you the option of three different hole spacings to fit today’s most common face-frame widths. If you would prefer to drill only one pocket hole, just remove a drill bit and you get the equivalent of our DK1100 single-spindle machine. Only Kreg offers you the option of one or two pocket holes at a time and your choice of three different on-center hole spacings in the same machine.
  • Easy SetupThe lift-off top gives you direct access to the drill bits. A simple turn of an Allen wrench in the drill bit collets is all it takes to change bits. In less than a minute, you can change to any of the three settings or set up the DK3100 for single-spindle drilling.
  • One-Second Cycle TimesTwo pocket holes in one second? It’s possible with the DK3100. The one-touch foot pedal fires the spindle to make two perfect pocket holes in just one second.
  • Durability The DK3100 uses a hardened-steel drill guide that supports the drill bits all the way into the workpiece, prolonging drill bit life and improving the cut quality of the pocket hole.
  • Hardened-Steel Drill Guide: Maximizes drill bit life
  • One-Touch Foot Pedal Operation
  • Swing Stops: For optimized material positioning
  • Dust collection chutes: For efficient chip removal


  • Motor: Electric; 1-1/2-HP; 110-V single phase
  • Drill Bits: DKDB Drill Bit - 3/8" shank diameter; 3/16" pilot; 1/2"-long
  • CFM Rating: 1 CFM clamp cylinder (90 PSI/minute)
  • Cycle Time: 1 Second
  • Material Clamping Capacity: 4"
  • Hole-Centering Capability: 1/2"- to 1-1/2"-thick material
  • Weight: 176 lbs.
  • Dimensions: 50"H x 24"W x 24"D (40" table height)
  • On-Center Spindle Spacings: 3/4", 1", 1-3/4"
  • Warranty: Manufacturer 5-Year Warranty


  • (1) Multi-Spindle Pocket-Hole Machine
  • Complete Owner's Manual
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