Festool Centrotec Bit Extension (492540)

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  • Festool Centrotec Bit Extension (492540)
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Festool Centrotec Bit Extension - Magnetic bit holder 6 inches in length. Lets you use standard bits with Centrotec chuck. The Centrotec shank can be used with all three-jaw chucks for no-slip performance or in conjunction with Festool's Centrotec chuck system. With the Centrotec design there is a better transfer of force with no chance for bit slippage or marring of the drill bit. Reduce the weight of the drill by nearly ½ pound and the length by nearly 1-1/2?ö with the Centrotec system. Additionally the Centrotec system offers a quicker way of changing bits than a keyless chuck with less run out. 6 inches in length helps you reach those out of the reach places.Magnetic insert holds your bits securely in place to prevent loss.Offers quick change capability of all your standard bits.Long precision milled hex shank for no wobble while in use.Fits either Festool Centrotec chuck or standard chuck.

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